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Equity Market

Shares portfolio (Returns Expected 12% to 18% CAGR)

Mutual Fund portfolio (Return Expected 12 % to 18% CAGR)

Shares Portfolio with AI advisory ( ROI 15% to 21% CAGR)

Mutual Fund Portfolio with AI advisory ( ROI 15% to 21% CAGR)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Returns Expected 15% to 18% CAGR

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Corporate FD/bonds: 6.50% to 8.50% Per Year

FD P2P lending: 8.25% to 12% Per Year

Debentures: 7 % to 9% Per year

Mutual Fund Debt: 5.50 % to 8.50% Per Year

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We provide derivatives investment with algorithm trading

Index derivatives (NIFTY/BANKNIFTY) Returns Expected 50% Per year.

Forex Derivatives (Forex pairs) Returns Expected 50% + per year

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Lifecare & Insurance

We provide comprehensive life and health insurance solutions for a secure and thriving future

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We provides all types of loan like Personal Loan, Home Loan, Mortgage loan etc.

Investment product like Equity and Derivatives is subject to market risk. Consult with us or advisor before investment